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Four ways to defend dreamers in less than five minutes!CLINIC is extremely disappointed in the administration’s decision to phase out Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

Nevertheless, we will continue to support our network of more than 300 affiliate organizations to provide legal services to people who desire to renew their DACA status or need assistance with other immigration legal services. CLINIC will continue to advocate for humane policies to protect the future of young Dreamers and their families.

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What can you do to defend Dreamers?

Contact your members of Congress and tell them you support the bipartisan Dream Act

Senators Durbin (D-Illinois) and Graham (R-South Carolina) re-introduced the Dream Act of 2017 (S. 1615) in July. It would create a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers who meet certain requirements. 
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has endorsed this bill and calls upon the administration to ensure permanent protection for DACA youth. 
Tell your Congressional representative to co-sponsor the Dream Act.


Tell the president to sign a stand-alone Dream Act

On September 5, White House officials indicated that the president would not sign the Dream Act unless he gets funding for a border wall. The administration also supports the RAISE Act (S. 354), which creates a merit-based system and limits future family immigration. The USCCB has strongly opposed the RAISE Act.
Contact the White House and tell the president that Dreamers will not be used as bargaining chips! Tell the president to commit to signing the Dream Act.


Urge your governor to stand against this cruel act against Dreamers

Fifteen states have sued the administration challenging its action to rescind the program.
Contact your governor and urge him or her to defend the future of DACA youth in your state.
Don’t forget to tag them on social media using #DefendDACA


Call your state legislators and tell them to enact laws to protect young immigrants

Many states provide driver’s licenses, in-state tuition, and healthcare to DACA youth.

Find your elected officials here and tell them to pass legislation that will allow Dreamers to keep those benefits.
You can also tell them on Twitter, using the hashtag #HereToStay!