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Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) Update

With the Senate passing its immigration bill last June and the House currently working on its own legislation, comprehensive immigration reform is a likely reality.  Although legislation is far from final, the expected overhaul will certainly have a monumental impact on all facets of immigration law.


What Are You Doing to Prepare for CIR?

In the Religious Immigration Services section of CLINIC, we want you to start considering how CIR might affect your organization.  For example, who could you employ if immigration reform allows undocumented men and women to receive work authorization and legal status? Do you currently have unpaid volunteer religious workers who might be prospective employees?  Do you have men and women who would be ideal teachers but for their undocumented status, which prevents your Diocese from making offers of employment?  Does your religious order have undocumented adult men and women interested in pursuing a religious vocation?  Would these individuals be able to serve within the Church if they had work authorization? 

In the next month, RIS clients will be receiving an email regarding the role RIS will play when CIR is enacted.  Please begin thinking about how these changes will affect your religious immigration needs.


CLINIC Resources

CLINIC staff members are working tirelessly to keep our clients and affiliates aware of the important issues involved in this ongoing debate.  For more details, please visit the CIR page on CLINIC’s website.