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State Department Updates Fee Schedule

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The Department of State recently published an interim final rule changing the fees that it currently charges for certain nonimmigrant and immigrant visas, in addition to other forms and services. 79 Fed. Reg. 51247 (August 28, 2014).  The agency is authorized to establish fees for consular services and to set them based on the cost of the services it provides.  The agency recently completed a fee review using its activity-based Cost of Service Model. The new fee schedule took effect on September 12, 2014.  The agency will accept comments from interested parties until October 21, 2014. The following are the forms and services affected by the change:


Current Fee

New Fee

E visa applications



K visa applications



Family-based immigration visa (IV) applications



Affidavit of support review by NVC



VAWA and other I-360-based IV applications



Employment-based IV applications



IV security surcharge



Returning resident special IV applications



J-1 waivers o foreign residency requirement