Preparing Immigrants for Immigration Reform

Many immigrants are not well-informed on how to prepare themselves for the possibility of an earned pathway to citizenship passing into law due to language and barriers and other challenges.  Too often, desperate people seek information and help from unauthorized legal practitioners (aka notarios), and sometimes unscrupulous, immigration practitioners who may take advantage of immigrants for monetary gain.  Resources here are provided to help immigrants and local service agencies understand how to prepare for immigration reform and protect themselves from unauthorized practitioners.  

Suggested Guidelines for Public Talks with the Immigrant Community.

Immigrant-focused Public Information Fliers

Steps to Prepare for Immigration Reform (Spanish - English)

Who Can Help With Immigration Matters

Beware of Immigration Fraud

Beware of Notarios: Do Not Make False Claims to U.S. Citizenship (Spanish - Creole)

Individual Tax Identification Numbers

Directory of Legal Services Programs (CLINIC Network)



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