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New Pilot Program Assessment Letter for CDJ

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The DOS has recently announced that it will start a pilot program involving persons applying for an immigrant visa at the U.S. consulates in Cd. Juarez, Mexico (CDJ) and Montreal, Canada.  The National Visa Center will be conducting its standard review of the forms and documents submitted by the applicant, including a review of the affidavit of support, civil documents, and police certificates.  If a case file is incomplete or lacks proper documentation, the NVC will send a checklist to the petitioner or designated agent indicating what changes are needed.  But after two reviews by the NVC, the agency will then forward the file to the consulate and schedule an interview, even if it still contains errors or omissions.  The NVC will then send the applicant an “assessment” letter evaluating the documentation that was submitted. It is the intention of the DOS that the applicant will use the assessment letter as a way to gauge whether problems may arise at the consular interview.  If the assessment letter indicates a document may be lacking, the applicant may wish to bring extra documentation or a new affidavit of support to the consular official.