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Actions to Help Separated Children and Families Now

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Use CLINIC’s guide to take action for immigrant children and families and to activate others in your community looking to help.

Speak out

Our elected officials cannot separate or incarcerate immigrant children and families in your name. Take 5 minutes right now to make clear that harming immigrant families is not acceptable in your community or in your country.


Calls to make:

  • White House comment line: 202-456-1111
  • Your two U.S. senators and Congressional representative: 202-224-3121
  • Your state and local officials 


Talking points:

  • I am appalled by the stories of children being torn from their families at the border and I know that the executive order was an empty, political gesture that does not fix the damage already done. The government must reunite the thousands of children who were ripped from their parents’ arms under the Trump administration’s policy. I want [Member of Congress] to provide oversight of the Department of Homeland Security and tell them to tell us how they will fix their mistake and reunite these families immediately.
  • The president’s executive order to end family separation by indefinitely jailing immigrant families in detention centers is not a solution. This practice is inhumane and barbaric and like separation, does irreparable harm to children’s health and development. Alternatives to detention must be used instead.
  • For state and local calls: I oppose any potential partnerships between [your town, city or state] and federal officials seeking to open or operate family detention centers in my community.

After you’ve made your calls, encourage families, friends and members of your faith communities to speak out, too!



Take the pledge to #StandWithImmigrants and learn about volunteer opportunities here: Remember that organizations serving immigrants need help with a variety of issues and throughout the year, so keep an open mind about how you can help.

If you are interested in going to the border, consider contacting the CARA Pro Bono Project, the Kino Border Initiative or Hope Border Institute.


Financially Support CLINIC and Our Affiliates

An immigrant who is represented by a trained lawyer or accredited representative is far more likely to see a positive outcome of their case. In times like these, programs need extra funds to get their staff and volunteers where they are needed. Detention centers are usually located in rural areas that are difficult to reach. To find and donate to a CLINIC affiliate in your community, visit

2018 marks CLINIC’s 30th anniversary. In the spirit of the thirty years we have spent improving access to affordable immigration legal services, we have started a $30,000 fund to send volunteers from our affiliates directly to the border. Visit to help us continue to provide access to quality legal representation for families separated by this administration's inhumane policies.



  • Take part in a national demonstration or join or start one locally! Tweet @cliniclegal so that we can support your efforts.
  • Learn more about the June 30 national mobilization here:
  • If you are joining or hosting a local event on June 30, planning a protest at an ICE office, a vigil for separated families, etc., make sure to 1) contact your local media to let them know and 2) invite your local, state, and federal representatives! Connecting with your representatives and media coverage is the only way to keep the pressure on and effect change.
  • Use social media to elevate organizing and speak out! Hashtags: #EndFamilySeparation #FamiliesBelongTogether #ProtectFamilies
  • Learn about the Flores settlement, the case that the administration is attempting to overturn in order to implement mass, indefinite incarceration of immigrant families: