Rapid E-Learning

CLINIC now offers five rapid e-learning courses, which are described below. Each course contains a combination of visual content and narration, interactive components that facilitate the learning process, and periodic assessments to reinforce and measure learning. Course participants may complete the course on their own schedules. Payment by credit card only. There are no refunds for registration of rapid e-learning courses.


Completing the Application for Naturalization Form N-400

The 90 minute course covers: an overview of the Form N-400 and the requirements for naturalization; steps to complete each part of the form and prepare the naturalization application for mailing; and steps in the naturalization process, including preparing for the naturalization interview. The course is interactive and incorporates text, images, audio and video along with opportunities for the participant to check his or her progress in the course through quizzes and a final test.

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Free: Getting the Facts: Criminal Records in Immigration Cases

Immigration advocates know that every aspect of immigration law may be impacted by having a criminal record; a client's criminal history may prevent eligibility for a benefit, subject a client to removal, or lead to a negative exercise of discretion. Through this 90-minute course, consisting of 8 modules, participants will gain the knowledge and skills to identify and obtain the criminal records necessary to evaluate a client's case, as well as decipher the information contained in the records.

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Fundamentals of U.S. Immigration Law (available in Spanish)

This course provides a broad overview of U.S. immigration law. It is designed for anyone who wants to understand the immigration system, and does not assume that participants have any legal background. Each of the seven sections of the course covers a core topic in immigration law, including sources of immigration law, government agencies involved in administering immigration law, and how noncitizens gain and lose immigration status. By the end of the course, which takes about 90 minutes to complete, participants will have a solid grounding in immigration law fundamentals, including types of lawful immigration status and who qualifies for them; obstacles to gaining lawful status; eligibility for U.S. citizenship; and who is authorized to practice immigration law.

At the end of the course participants may complete a final assessment. Participants who successfully complete the assessment will receive a certificate of course completion. Note that only the person who registered for the course is eligible to receive a certificate of completion; anyone who wants a certificate must register separately for the course.

There is a $25 fee for course registration, which provides the participant with 30 days of unlimited access to the course. Upon enrollment, you will be sent a link to the course along with a user ID and password so that you may immediately start viewing the course contents.

NOTE FOR NEW LEGAL WORKERS: The Board of Immigration Appeals requires that all initial applicants for accreditation show recent attendance at a formal overview training on immigration law. We do not consider this course to be an immigration law overview that is sufficient to support an application for accredited representative status. For that purpose, we suggest that you register for CLINIC’s six-week e-course “Introduction to Immigration Law Practice”

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Fundamentos de la Ley de Inmigración de EE.UU.

Este curso ofrece una visión general de las leyes de inmigración de EE.UU. Está diseñado para cualquiera que quiera entender el sistema de inmigración y no asume que los participantes tengan ninguna experiencia legal. Cada una de las siete secciones del curso trata un tema central de la ley de inmigración, incluidas las fuentes de la ley de inmigración, las agencias gubernamentales involucradas en la administración de la ley de inmigración y cómo los no ciudadanos ganan o pierden el estatus de inmigrantes. Hacia el final del curso, de aproximadamente 90 minutos, los participantes tendrán una base sólida en los fundamentos de la ley de inmigración, entre ellos los tipos de estatus inmigratorio legal y quién tiene derecho a ellos, los obstáculos para la obtención del estatus legal, la elegibilidad para la ciudadanía estadounidense y quién está autorizado para ejercer la ley de inmigración.

Al final del curso los participantes pueden completar una evaluación final. Los participantes que completen con éxito la evaluación recibirán un certificado de culminación del curso. Tenga en cuenta que solo la persona que se registró para el curso es elegible para recibir un certificado de culminación; cualquiera que desee un certificado debe registrarse en el curso por separado.

Hay una tarifa de $25 para la inscripción en el curso, que proporciona al participante 30 días de acceso ilimitado a las clases. Después de la inscripción, se le enviará un enlace al curso junto con un ID de usuario y una contraseña para que inmediatamente pueda empezar a ver los contenidos del curso.

NOTA PARA LOS NUEVOS TRABAJADORES LEGALES: la Junta de Apelaciones de Inmigración (BIA por sus siglas en inglés) requiere que todos los solicitantes de acreditación iniciales demuestren asistencia reciente a una capacitación general y formal sobre la ley de inmigración. No consideramos que este curso ofrezca una introducción general a la ley de inmigración suficiente para apoyar una solicitud de estatus de representante acreditado. Para ese propósito, le sugerimos que se registre en el curso electrónico de seis semanas de CLINIC llamado "Introducción a la Práctica de la Ley de Inmigración"

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Free: Volunteers Helping Immigrants Become U.S. Citizens: The Naturalization Group Application Workshop

Naturalizing as a U.S. citizen is a hallmark of immigrant integration. U.S. citizenship is a significant personal achievement for millions of immigrants, a reminder of our nation's immigrant heritage and a contribution to our nation's democratic process. As such, volunteers, native and foreign-born alike, are important people facilitating the naturalization of future citizens. Taking this course and helping immigrants become U.S. citizens at naturalization group application workshops is one way to make a positive difference in the lives of people in your community.

This free course strives to educate people about basic naturalization law and the naturalization group application workshop model. The course takes approximately 40 minutes to an hour to complete.

After successfully completing the course, participants are linked to charitable organizations which may host workshops, and are provided a certificate that can be given to a charitable organization that may need volunteers and may provide additional training as needed.

Registration Closed for Course Maintenance