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National Legal Center for Immigrants

Update from USCIS on I-797 Approval Notices

By Allison Posner As of November 30, 2011, the California and Vermont service centers will once again send all original notices, including I-797 approval notices, to the representative of record according to the G-28 on file.  The Texas and Nebraska service centers will do the same on or before December 5, 2011.

Supreme Court Ends Comparable Grounds Doctrine for 212(c) Applicants

By Susan Schreiber Section 212(c) of the INA provides relief from removal to law permanent residents who are deportable for certain criminal convictions.  There are many restrictions regarding eligibility for this form of relief, but at a minimum, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

More Guidance and Action to Implement Prosecutorial Discretion

Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a memo on November 17th announcing a case-by-case review of the EOIR immigration court docket in each office.  This review will include both incoming cases as well as those currently pending in immigration courts.  This review will last for two months, until mid-January 2012, at which point the agency will assess the data and case outcomes before taking further action or review.  The review is viewed as a further step in implementing the June 17, 2011 Prosecutorial Discretion Memorandum that set forth various factors and

TPS Extended for Nicaraguans and Hondurans

On November 4, 2011, the DHS extended TPS for nationals of Honduras and Nicaragua.  Nationals from those two countries who have previously registered for TPS are now eligible to re-register for an 18-month extension of their TPS status and employment authorization document (EAD).   TPS was scheduled to expire for these persons on January 6, 2012, but the USCIS recently extended TPS eligibility until July 5, 2013.  TPS beneficiaries from those two countries who pursue re-registration will also have their EADs automatically extended for six months, or until July 5, 2012.

Different Approaches for Addressing Common Program Challenges

By Leya Speasmaker What method does your office use to process new client consultations? Read below to learn how two CLINIC affiliates have each created a system that accommodates and meets the needs of their office and their community. Appointment-Only Model

BIA Agency Staff Accreditation

Juan Torres of Catholic Charities of Salina, Inc. received his BIA Partial Accreditation in October 2011. Magda Leleaux, Program Director of Catholic Social & Community Services, Inc., Migration & Refugee Center, Biloxi, MS, received BIA partial accreditation on November 14, 2011.