National Legal Center for Immigrants

Juan Torres of Catholic Charities of Salina, Inc. received his BIA Partial Accreditation in October 2011.

Magda Leleaux, Program Director of Catholic Social & Community Services, Inc., Migration & Refugee Center, Biloxi, MS, received BIA partial accreditation on November 14, 2011.

CLINIC and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops are hosting a conference on state and local immigration issues.  The conference will be held in Salt Lake City from January 11-13, 2012.  We will discuss methods for opposing enforcement initiatives and supporting comprehensive immigration reform. Workshops will include:

  • strategies for communications and messaging;
  • coalition building; and
  • parish organizing and education.

On topics such as:

On October 31, the Department of Justice announced it was filing a complaint and injunction against certain provisions in the recently passed South Carolina immigration law (Act No. 69).  Passed in June, the South Carolina law is set to go into effect on January 1st. The law requires police officers to question the immigration status of individuals stopped for other reasons if the officers suspect them to be undocumented.

CLINIC’s State & Local Initiatives Project is pleased to announce its Alabama Resource Center, located on CLINIC’s website.  The site includes an analysis of the new law and the subsequent court rulings blocking parts of it, and talking points for advocacy on this and other state anti-immigrant measures.

By Allison Posner

On October 24, 2011, CLINIC celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Pro Bono Project.  A reception was generously hosted by the law firm Fried Frank with special guests in attendance, including the Honorable Immigration Judge Paul Schmidt, Acting Director of EOIR Juan Osuna, and Acting Chairman of the BIA David Neal.

E-learning Course:

Immigration Legal Skills

January 11-February 8, 2012

The course webinars will take place on the five consecutive Wednesdays of the course, beginning January 11, 2012, and ending February 8, 2012.  All webinars run from 2:00-3:30pm Eastern Standard Time. 

 Before registering for this training, please make sure that you will be available for these webinars.