National Legal Center for Immigrants

In response to stakeholder feedback, EOIR has announced that it will reinstate the ability of callers to check the status of multiple cases in one call.  Starting on December 12, callers will be able to press the “pound” key (#) to return to the main menu and enter additional alien registration numbers.   In addition, callers will be able to press the “star” key (*) to skip the maintenance message at the beginning of the recording. 

By Allison Posner

As of November 30, 2011, the California and Vermont service centers will once again send all original notices, including I-797 approval notices, to the representative of record according to the G-28 on file.  The Texas and Nebraska service centers will do the same on or before December 5, 2011.

By Susan Schreiber

Section 212(c) of the INA provides relief from removal to law permanent residents who are deportable for certain criminal convictions.  There are many restrictions regarding eligibility for this form of relief, but at a minimum, the applicant must meet the following criteria: