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New CLINIC Resources on Driver’s Licenses for the Undocumented

By Jen Riddle Did you know that CLINIC has recently created two new resources related to states permitting undocumented residents to apply for driver’s licenses?

Silicon Valley Community Foundation and CLINIC Expand Service Delivery

Although the successes of immigrant entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley’s technology industry are well known, the startling reality is that Silicon Valley’s legal support infrastructure cannot accommodate the high number of low-income immigrants in need of legal immigration services.  According to The Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration at the University of Southern California, 36% of the population of Sa

Training FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

rint this page Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to registration for CLINIC trainings and webinars.  Please review the FAQs for guidance on training registration prior to registering.   GENERAL QUESTIONS  

Independent Study E-Learning

CLINIC is pleased to announce another option for immigration law training through e-learning: independent study courses that are available to you whenever it is most convenient for you to enroll.

All About BIA Recognition & Accreditation

Would you like to know more about how your nonprofit agency and staff can become authorized to provide immigration legal services? During this webinar, we will discuss the requirements for recognition and accreditation; the process for submitting an application; and the latest BIA developments.

Free Webinar: What's New About the New N-400?

Please join us for a free webinar on the new Form N-400. The new 21-page N-400 is 11 pages longer than the previous form and includes new questions related to security and child soldier related issues. The webinar will discuss changes in the format and content of the new N-400.

Adoptions and New USCIS Policy Memo on Hague Convention Cases

The webinar will discuss the rules related to adoption petitions and the Hague Convention requirements in light of the December 2013 memo.

A Success Story in Capacity Building: Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland

An incredible story of perseverance, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland has recently reconstituted its immigration legal services (ILS) program, with two full time attorneys and a full time Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accredited representative.  Over 780 immigration consultations have been provided since 2011, and the program expects to generate 28% of its budget in fee income this year.  The program’s current success is no small feat and was achieved with considerable effort over the last three years.  Cleveland’s story is a case study for CLINIC’s capacity building services a

Why States Should Provide Access to Driver’s Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants

Why States Should Provide Access to Driver’s Licenses to All Residents   Granting driver’s licenses to all residents improves public safety on our roads.