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Attaining English language skills is a vital step in the progress of immigrants’ integration efforts. Through English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, immigrants can get higher paying jobs, increase their civic engagement and reach a higher level or financial security,in addition to achieving increased independence in their everyday lives. The following model programs highlight the important work being done by CLINIC affiliates in educating English Language Learners (ELLs). Provided tools and training resources can assist organizations in starting their own ESL classes.

Employed immigrants are required to file taxes, regardless of status or documents used to acquire employment. Many immigrants face barriers to filing income taxes.  They may be afraid that the IRS will pass their information on to immigration enforcement.  Additionally, the complex tax code is not easy to understand for people who may not speak English or have a knowledge of all available credits and rebates. Service providers working with the foreign-born can offer tax assistance preparation and support as their clients work to fulfill this federal requirement.

Looking for ideas to promote and encourage immigrant integration within your community? The General Integration Resources page is a great place to find information on integration program planning, training and tools on how integration can be promoted locally, and performance measurement strategies. CLINIC offers model programs that spotlight agency-wide immigrant integration initiatives across our network. Additionally, tools and trainings provided can increase the impact of immigrant integration programs at the local level.


May 13, 2015

Salt Lake City, Utah

Hosted by

Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc. (CLINIC)

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Children in the Spanish-speaking community are imbued with a profound sense of hospitality. Siblings share more, spend more time together across age barriers than in the English-speaking world.  Within the faith community, year after year, for about 9 days before Christmas there are Posadas or a re-enactment of the search of Mary and Joseph for shelter so that she can give birth to her Child. Often some of the youngest give voice to the search of Mary and Joseph.