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CLINIC Welcomes a New Membe

CLINIC welcomes a new member agency, Sisters of Saint Benedict Immigration Outreach, in Ferdinand, Indiana.  This is a reconstituted immigration legal program previously known in our network as Guadalupe Center Immigration Services in Huntingburg and Washington, Indiana.  This is a different Catholic immigration program than the one recently established  by Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Evansville, the same diocese where Ferdinand, Indiana is located.

Why is the mission of Mil Mujeres so important?

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.  In observation of this important day, CLINIC recognizes affiliate, Mil Mujeres for their inspiring efforts on behalf of vulnerable, immigrant women.  Founded in 2007, Mil Mujeres provides charitable legal immigration services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  With locations in California, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and Washington, DC, Mil Mujeres has been a CLINIC subscriber

Looking for ideas to promote and encourage immigrant integration within your community? The General Integration Resources page is a great place to find information on integration program planning, training and tools on how integration can be promoted locally, and performance measurement strategies. CLINIC offers model programs that spotlight agency-wide immigrant integration initiatives across our network. Additionally, tools and trainings provided can increase the impact of immigrant integration programs at the local level.