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Despite a temporary halt of administrative relief, immigration programs are encouraging immigrants to prepare for potential participation in the DAPA and extended DACA programs.  This message was shared during the March 12 conference on American Catholics and Immigration sponsored by The Catholic University of America and Migration and Refugee Services at the U.S.

By: Leya Speasmaker


CLINIC’s brand new Center for Immigrant Integration seeks to encourage and facilitate the development of immigrant integration initiatives throughout its network through the creation of resources and trainings and the dissemination of best practices currently present in CLINIC affiliate agencies.

Question: Your client Francisco recently naturalized after becoming an LPR in 2007 through Life Act legalization.  Now he wants to petition for his wife Lorena, to whom he has been married since 1999.   Lorena first came to the U.S. EWI in 2002, but Francisco has been living in the U.S. since 1980.    Francisco tells you that his USC brother petitioned for him in 2000, but he was able to adjust status sooner through LIFE legalization.   Francisco and Lorena are wondering if Lorena may be eligible to adjust status. 

Since President Obama’s November 20th announcement of administrative relief, legal service providers have been working overtime to educate communities about policy shifts, the implementation process, and the options available.  Informing the public regarding changes of this magnitude is no small task.

United Methodist Mexican-American Ministries (UMMAM), Garden City, KS. The organization is not staffed with an attorney.  It is seeking BIA recognition for four offices in Garden City, Dodge City, Liberal and Ulysses.

Saathi of Rochester, Inc., East Rochester and Danville, NY.  This nonprofit focuses on serving South Asian survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  It does not have an attorney on staff practicing immigration law.  It is seeking to re-accredit a staff person who has returned to practice immigration law.