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I-90 Filing Change

For the past several years, the NSC has been the primary office within USCIS for processing Form I-90, Application for Permanent Residence Card.  However, effective August 15, 2012, the Lockbox began sending all I-90s to the National Benefits Center (NBC) for processing. Any I- 90 filed prior to August 15th will continue processing at the Nebraska Service Center. NBC will receive all I-90s filed on or after August 15. The transfer of this form to the NBC will free up resources for NSC to review requests for Deferred Action.

Nebraska Service Center Stakeholder Calls

Each month, the NSC hosts an informal call that allows stakeholders to ask questions about the Service Center’s products and processes. The calls occur at 10:00 Central Time on the second Thursday of each month. Call-in information is disseminated to the distribution list maintained by the Community Engagement Officer.  To be included in the list, email Kathryn Nicholas at:

Calls scheduled for the 2013 fiscal year include:

Agency Name Change

CLINIC subscriber, Hispanic Committee of Virginia (HCV), has merged with Northern Virginia Family Services (NVFS).  The NVFS is now a subscriber under the current yearly subscription held by HCV.             

Northern Virginia Family Services Falls Church staff:  Falls Church – Mary Agee, President & CEO, Cyndi Dailey, Director Multicultural Human Services, Tori Andrea Babington, Esq., Karen Powell, Esq.                                         

NVFS-HCV Columbia Pike staff:  Margaret Rudmann, Esq., Antonio Bautista and Robin Delos, BIA Partial Accreditation applicants.

Member Agency Recognition and Staff Accreditations

CLINIC congratulates the following member agency and program staff on receiving Board of Immigration Appeals agency recognition and new BIA credentials for staff: 

Catholic Charities of Onondaga County, Syracuse, NY, a CLINIC member, received agency recognition on August 14, 2012.  Program directors Felicia Castricone and Linda Zotter, together with Immigration Advocates Mariam Gedow and Liban Mohamed, received partial BIA accreditation on August 14, 2012.

Non-Minister Provision of the Special Immigrant Worker Program Extended

Sep 21, 2012
Megan Sahar Turngren

The Religious Immigration Section of CLINIC, along with immigration practitioners around the country, breathed a sigh of relief on September 13, 2012,when the House of Representatives passed an extension of the Non-Minister Provision of the Special Immigrant Worker Program.  Unless this extension passed, individuals pursuing religious vocations and religious occupations would no longer have been eligible to become legal permanent residents.  This would have meant that nuns, brothers, seminarians, pastoral associates, religious teachers, missionaries, and those in formation would have been excluded from permanent residency.

The incredible service that is performed by these individuals often reaches those far outside the boundaries of the United States.  By using the resources that only a country such as the United States has to offer, these “non-ministers” are able to spread their message of compassion and charity throughout the world. 

For example, sisters of various religious communities are currently serving at the United Nations.  While their ministry encompasses many areas, there is a primary focus on poverty, education, and bringing awareness to the global epidemic of human trafficking.