Reflections on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina elicit dark memories of loss of life, displacement and destruction. But looking back also reminds us of great acts of heroism and abundant generosity. For social and political reasons, we should take a long, hard look back at 2005 and where we are as a nation today. CLINIC looks back and recalls its own response to the destruction and how the Gulf Coast looks today from the perspective of welcoming immigrants and creating opportunities for social integration in the process.

In this toolkit you will find templates you can use and adapt, as appropriate, to send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper; submit a brief opinion article for possible publication and to circulate a press release to newspapers, radio and TV stations, including those in Spanish or other languages, in your area. The guide also includes prepared tweets and recommendations for social media.

CLINIC wants to help you celebrate! Visit our Citizenship Day website to download graphics you can use on social media. Participate in our "Swear It and Share It!" campaign by encouraging people to tell their story and use use the hashtag #swearitshareit.

More than 1,400 women and children—mostly from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala—are detained at the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, TX. A significant number of these families come to the United States forced out of their communities by death threats, rape, extortion, or they are running away to keep their children from forced recruitment by the MS-13 or La 18 gangs.

Happy Citizenship Day!

Today, we celebrate the efforts and gifts of immigrants who have become U.S. citizens and encourage eligible lawful permanent residents to apply.