Read five facts about state mandatory e-verify laws.

A wide array of city residents would benefit from eligibility for municipal ID cards, including such vulnerable groups as undocumented immigrants, victims of domestic violence or natural disaster, the homeless, low-income senior citizens, and the formerly incarcerated.

Even when we think we’ve done everything right as an advocate, we all have to face receiving application denials. Maybe USCIS made an erroneous decision, or maybe a client neglected to provide information impacting on eligibility for the benefit sought. Join us to examine alternatives and consider the factors that impact what actions to take.

A webinar outlining the recent enforcement efforts in the United States and a call to action for individuals.


Advocates to pay close attention to Pope Francis speech during his upcoming visit to Mexico. Francis' visit to focus on migrants and refugees. Read more.


DILLEY, TX – After being held in detention for more than a month by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), eight of the families rounded up by ICE at the beginning of January have finally been released from detention while their cases proceed.