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NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER (Ryan Post): Immigration Outreach Discussed among Conference Participants

SALT LAKE CITY -- In case you haven't heard, the U.S. bishops' conference has a special campaign directed toward immigration work. And some parishes have even started committees named after the group.

Salt Lake Tribune: Conference of Bishops Pans State Immigration Laws

John Wester, bishop of Salt Lake City’s Catholic Archdiocese, said Wednesday he was “sad” to hear Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney accept the endorsement of the key architect for several state-based enforcement-only immigration laws.

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER (Ryan Post): In Salt Lake City, Catholics Focus on Immigration

SALT LAKE CITY -- The U.S. Catholic bishops' immigration conference in Salt Lake City this morning focused on details about current laws and legislation, as well as the status of enforcement and concerns from people who work in immigration-related areas.

BLOG FOR ARIZONA: Catholic Bishops Pan Kobach/Romney Alliance, Support National Immigration Reform

It's significant this statement by Catholic bishops comes out of Salt Lake City, since the Utah Compact supporting a humane approach to immigration reform has been supported by the Mormon Church.

EFE: Bishops Urge Catholics to Promote Humane Immigration Reform

Denver –  Catholics should be politically active at both the local and national level to promote a humane reform of immigration law is the message coming out of a conference in Salt Lake City sponsored by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network.

DESERET NEWS: Immigrant Children's Access to Education, Public Assistance may be Targets of State Proposals in 2012

Absent comprehensive federal immigration reform in 2012, advocates for illegal immigrants are bracing for another wave of state legislative proposals in 2012 intended to restrict children's access to education systems and public assistance programs.