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By Jennie Guilfoyle

On April 12, 2012 the Board of Immigration Appeals issued a precedent decision, Matter of D-K- (25 I&N Dec. 761 (BIA 2012)) holding that unadjusted refugees who are put into removal proceedings should be charged under the grounds of deportability at INA § 237, not under the grounds of inadmissibility at INA § 212. The Board also held that refugees may be put into proceedings without a prior finding of inadmissibility by USCIS.

On April 13, the Department of State’s proposed fee adjustments took effect.  While the agency increased the fees for many nonimmigrant visa applications, it reduced the fee it charges for some significant nonimmigrant visas, as well as for immigrant visas.  For example, the cost to apply for a tourist visa or a border crossing card rose from $140 to $160.  But the fee for a fiancé(e) visa dropped from $350 to $240.  Most significantly, the fee for a family-based immigrant visa dropped from $330 to $230.  More information about the new fees can be found on the DOS website

On March 23, DHS announced that it would designate Syria for TPS.  Secretary Napolitano justified the decision in her announcement, saying, "[c]onditions in Syria have worsened to the point where Syrian nationals already in the United States would face serious threats to their personal safety if they were to return to their home country."  See USCIS’s website for more d

By Susan Schreiber

On March 28, 2012, the Supreme Court decided Vartelas v Holder, affirming the ongoing validity of the Fleuti doctrine for certain lawful permanent residents returning from brief trips abroad. So why is this good  news?  Who is Fleuti?  What is the "Fleuti doctrine"?  And, finally, what does this have to do with the clients you represent?

The USCIS published its much-anticipated proposed regulations on March 30 that provide for the stateside filing of a waiver of inadmissibility for some who will trigger the unlawful presence bar upon leaving for their consular interview.  The agency has provided 60 days, or until June 1, to submit comments.  CLINIC will be preparing and circulating model comments should affiliates elect to submit a response.

By Jennie Guilfoyle

On March 6-7, 2012 CLINIC, along with nine other co-sponsoring organizations, hosted the Fifth Conference on Effective Representation of Asylees and Refugees in Omaha, Nebraska at the Creighton University School of Law.  The conference culminated on March 8th with a tour of the Nebraska Service Center.  Numerous government speakers attended, from USCIS Headquarters, the Department of State, and the Nebraska and Texas Service Centers.