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Visa Bulletin (July 2015)

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New CLINIC Toolkits to Help You Help Your Clients

Are you looking for a sample cover letter for the application you are filing or a checklist to help your client know what documents to gather? Or maybe you wish you had some community education materials in your office reception area to advise your clients about issues of concern. CLINIC is pleased to announce the launching of two new toolkits to help you in your work as a practitioner and as provider of community education.

Bishops Issue Report on Immigration Detention Reform

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Center for Migration Studies recently released a report titled Unlocking Human Dignity: A Plan to Reform the U.S. Immigration Detention System. The report discusses many of the problems with immigration detention and makes recommendations for detention reform and greater use of alternatives to detention.

Center for Immigrant Integration (June 2015 Update)

By Louise Maria Puck CLINIC’s new Center for Immigrant Integration seeks to encourage and facilitate the development of immigrant integration initiatives throughout its network through the creation of resources and trainings and through the dissemination of best practices currently present in CLINIC affiliate agencies.  

Question Corner (June 2015)

Q.  Your client is married to a U.S. citizen and is ineligible for adjustment of status because he entered without inspection. The I-130 has been approved and the client has paid the immigrant visa fee with the NVC. The couple wants to file a provisional waiver to remedy the unlawful presence bar when the husband leaves to consular process. The couple has plenty of hardship equities, but there are a couple troubling facts in the case. The husband used a fake social security number to get his current job and has been working without authorization.

Three Decisions Address Definition of Admission

By Susan Schreiber The concept of admission is central to many critical issues in immigration law. If your client was “admitted,” he or she may qualify to adjust status under INA § 245(a). If your client was “admitted,” he or she is subject to the grounds of deportability, not inadmissibility, and the government will have the burden of proof. And if your client was “admitted,” this may impact on available remedies for relief from removal.

BIA Agency Staff Accreditations

CLINIC congratulates the following program staff who received initial and renewed credentials as Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accredited representatives: