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New Members (December 2013)

CLINIC welcomes a returning member agency, Crosier Community of Phoenix.  As stated on its website, "The Crosier Fathers and Brothers are an 800-year-old international Catholic religious order dedicated to lives of prayer, community and service.  The Crosiers have U.S. communities in Phoenix, Arizona  and Onamia, Minnesota."  Rev. David Donnay, osc, is the Community Superior. The organization is recognized and Brother Jim Lewandowski, osc, is returning as well as an immigration legal representative.

2012 Annual Report

Open Publication


Dear Friends:

At CLINIC, we believe that immigrants deserve access to quality, affordable legal services. We know that if we don’t get it right, the consequences can be high -- exploitation, family separation, deportation. We fight such affronts to human dignity by supporting a network of community agencies, educating them on the law and any changes that may come, and offering direct representation for certain populations.

Partnership Toolkit

Partnerships are a valuable tool for any organization looking to expand or strengthen services in the community. In a well-functioning partnership, all members contribute ideas to the group, coordinate dates and events so that all can participate, and mutually benefit from the partnership. There are several ways to establish a partnership and many tools to use that can help organize and manage the operations.  This toolkit includes sample materials for managing a partnership, guidelines for working within a partnership, and tips on what to look for in a potential partner.