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CLINIC Welcomes New Subscribers

CLINIC welcomes the following subscriber agencies:

Member Agency Recognition and Staff Accreditations

CLINIC congratulates the following member agency and program staff on receiving Board of Immigration Appeals agency recognition and new BIA credentials for staff:  Catholic Charities of Onondaga County, Syracuse, NY, a CLINIC member, received agency recognition on August 14, 2012.  Program directors Felicia Castricone and Linda Zotter, together with Immigration Advocates Mariam Gedow and Liban Mohamed, received partial BIA accreditation on August 14, 2012.

Non-Minister Provision of the Special Immigrant Worker Program Extended

The Religious Immigration Section of CLINIC, along with immigration practitioners around the country, breathed a sigh of relief on September 13, 2012,when the House of Representatives passed an extension of the Non-Minister Provision of the Special Immigrant Worker Program.  Unless this extension passed, individuals pursuing religious vocations and religious occupations would no longer have been eligible to become legal permanent residents.  This would have meant that nuns, brothers, seminarians, pastoral associates, religious teachers, missionaries, and those in formation would have been excluded from permanent residency. The incredible service that is performed by these individuals often reaches those far outside the boundaries of the United States.  By using the resources that only a country such as the United States has to offer, these “non-ministers” are able to spread their message of compassion and charity throughout the world.  For example, sisters of various religious communities are currently serving at the United Nations.  While their ministry encompasses many areas, there is a primary focus on poverty, education, and bringing awareness to the global epidemic of human trafficking. 

Citizenship: It Changes Your Life

With Citizenship Day on September 17th, I would like to reflect on my experience working with a national multi-organizational initiative to encourage the country's lawful permanent residents (LPR) to become U.S. citizens. In every facet of society, immigrants are integral members in the economy and the political discourse. With this in mind, CLINIC has pursued steps to reach the approximate 8 million LPRs who are eligible to become citizens.

Support for Integration Grant Funding

CLINIC and other organizations that help permanent residents naturalize and that promote the integration of newcomers sent the attached letter to Representative Nancy Pelosi, urging her to support appropriations funding for the U.S. Citizenship and Integration Grants Program.  Since the program began in October 2009, USCIS’s Program has helped more than 38,000 permanent residents in 30 states and the District of Columbia prepare for citizenship. Twenty-six percent of the 2012 grantees are CLINIC affiliates. 

"Mega" Group Application Workshop

The purpose of the webinar is to educate charitable immigration legal staff on the unique differences of planning and implementing a large, "mega" group application workshop for naturalization and deferred action. Click here for the webinar slides. Held on September 12, 2012.