New Member and Subscriber

CLINIC has accepted a new member agency, Faith Action International House in Greensboro, North Carolina. This is a multi-denominational nonprofit with Catholic participation.  As such, the Bishop of the Diocese of Charlotte has approved Faith Action as a Catholic member agency in CLINIC’s network. Rev. David Fraccaro, Executive Director, lists his staff:  Marina Castillo Gomez, Esq., Staff Attorney; Nidia Mercedes, Legal Assistant; and Ezequiel Cazanetz-Dick, Legal Assistant.

Volunteer Training Part 1 - DACA Overview and the Eligibility Guidelines



Volunteer Training Part 2 - How to Complete the Application Forms



Volunteer Training Part 3 -  Overview of the DACA Workshop Model


Jeanne Atkinson, CLINIC Executive Director, and Adonia Simpson, Managing Attorney for Immigration Legal Services at CLINIC affiliate the Esperanza Center in Baltimore, discuss with the Baltimore Sun concerns about the “rocket docket” in Baltimore.


Ms. Atkinson is quoted:

“I believe that the impression that is being given to immigration judges is that the goal is to push these children through proceedings very quickly…The rocket dockets are vastly concerning for due process."