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By Ilissa Mira, Training and Legal Support Attorney

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In a decision in June of 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that three of the four contested provisions of Arizona’s controversial S.B. 1070  could not be upheld because they were pre-empted by federal immigration law.

In an interview with EWTN News Nightly, CLINIC Executive Director Jeanne Atkinson discusses the plight of unaccompanied children seeking refuge in the United States and their legal options.


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There has been a dramatic increase in unaccompanied minors and families with young children fleeing to the United States.  Just as adults in this situation would be, children are detained and placed in removal proceedings before an Immigration Judge.  Children may be released from custody but they still must fight their case in court.  Children's cases in Immigration Court are very complicated yet even children do not have the right to appointed counsel.