Conference on Effective Representation of Refugees and Asylees

March 15 - 16, 2016

Embassy Suites, Omaha, Nebraska 

With Optional Visit to the Nebraska Service Center on March 17th


The following blog is derived from the text of a workshop talk given by CLINIC Integration Program Manager Leya Speasmaker Nov. 12 at the Justice for Immigrants convening in Chicago.

Integration has increased in importance and scope for our organization and our network.

This four-week course covers the basic components of effective immigration legal services program management. Throughout the course, participants will learn best practices in staffing, case management, and financial management, as well as strategies to acquire the necessary space, equipment and tools needed for an efficiently-operating program. Information on Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Recognition and Accreditation will also be included.

Q. I have a client who has Family Unity and is in the F-2B category. The priority date is 03/20/2001. Her LPR mother is considering naturalizing. But I see that the F-2B category is more beneficial than the F-1 category and I am worried about the effect of conversion when the petitioner naturalizes. The statute seems to state that the CSPA’s opt-out protections from F-2B to F-1 may only be for beneficiaries who were over 21 at the time the I-130 was filed. My client was not yet 21 when the I-130 was filed and so she converted from F-2A to F-2B when she turned 21.