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Practice Alert: USCIS Rejects some Liberian EAD Applications in Error

USCIS mistakenly rejected approximately 155 Liberian DED employment authorization applications (Form I-765) filed prior to May 8, 2019. A computer coding error at the Chicago Lockbox caused the cases to be rejected during initial screening. As a result, USCIS issued rejection notices erroneously stating that the “ not currently eligible for DED.”

FAQs on Late Re-Registration for TPS

This practice advisory, written for legal service providers, answers common questions about filing late TPS re-registration applications, including what might constitute a “good cause” reason for filing late, what to include in the application, and the potential risks of applying late. It also includes specific considerations for TPS beneficiaries from Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti and El Salvador based on DHS compliance with the injunction in the Ramos v. Nielsen case.

Advising TPS Clients - The El Salvador Decision and Other Recent Updates

On January 8, 2018, DHS announced that TPS for El Salvador will terminate on September 9, 2019. Join CLINIC for a discussion on how this and other recent TPS decisions will impact your clients. We will review the TPS decisions for nationals of El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua, including critical dates for re-registration and how to maintain employment authorization. We will also address screening TPS recipients for other forms of relief, including adjustment of status eligibility; offer community education materials; and provide advocacy updates.

Recorded Webinar: Adjustment Options for TPS Holders

Are your TPS clients eligible for permanent relief through family-based immigration?

Over the coming months DHS will continue to review TPS designations for several countries.

In this webinar we will explore options to help TPS recipients who are immediate relatives adjust status. We will review adjustment of status under INA sections 245(a) and 245(i) and adjustment for TPS holders residing in the 6th and 9th Circuits.