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Changes in Immigration Policy

Making Sense of the Administration’s Decisions on Temporary Protected Status: A Quick Guide for Temporary Protected Status Holders

This quick guide will assist TPS holders in understanding DHS decisions on TPS, including terminations and indecisions. The guide also offers seven steps TPS holders can take to prepare and provides helpful links to resources.  

Guidance for Practitioners on Adjustment of Status for TPS Recipients in the Sixth and Ninth Circuits

Do you have clients with Temporary Protected Status who reside in the jurisdiction of either the Sixth or Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals? These frequently asked questions explain how current USCIS policy permits individuals who entered the United States without inspection, but subsequently received TPS, adjust to lawful permanent resident status.  

Supreme Court to hear travel ban case; allows some provisions to proceed

The Supreme Court announced June 26, 2017, that it will hear arguments during its upcoming term on the “travel ban” litigation, and in the meantime, it will allow part of the President’s executive order temporarily banning the entry into the United States of nationals of six Muslim-majority nations (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) and refugees to go into effect.