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  • Apr 18, 2019: CLINIC supports Colorado stakeholders to protect immigrant youth through SIJS legislation
    Apr 18, 2019: Immigrant youth ages 18 to 21 who have been victims of abuse, neglect or abandonment are now protected by a newly signed law in Colorado. The legislative process that culminated with Gov. Jared S. Polis signing HB19-1042 into law on March 28 involved stakeholders from many sectors, including immigrant advocacy groups, civil rights and faith-based organizations, legislators, and the community. CLINIC helped connect some of the groups and provided essential legal advice on Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, or SIJS.
  • Apr 3, 2019: Delays in Processing Times for Form I-485
    Apr 3, 2019: Religious workers have faced various delays in the permanent residency process under the current administration. In particular, applicants are going through additional steps when filing Form I-485, Application to Adjust Status to Permanent Resident. The Form I-485 is the final step in the green card process for religious workers. After the I-360 petition is approved, Form I-485 is then filed to request that the applicant’s status be changed to permanent resident. Lately, the processing times for Form I-485 have been steadily increasing. In fact, the average processing...
  • Apr 3, 2019: Scheduling an INFOPASS Appointment at a Local USCIS Field Office
    Apr 3, 2019: By the end of fiscal year 2019, self-scheduling of InfoPass appointments will be a thing of the past. In Oct. 30, 2018, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced the expansion of its Information Services Modernization Program to more field offices. The ISMP would require a person to first speak to the USCIS National Customer Center—now the USCIS Contact Center—by calling its 800 number before being able to schedule an in-person appointment, or InfoPass appointment, at a local field office.
  • Apr 3, 2019: Religious Worker Permanent Residence FACTS!
    Apr 3, 2019: Ever wonder how many religious workers obtain permanent residence in the United States every year? Me too! While the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service may not always operate as smoothly as we would like it to, it does provide annual reporting data that is useful to identify immigration trends. For instance, the annual number of all religious workers, and their spouses and children, obtaining permanent residence fell approximately 44 percent from 2008 to 2017. You may recall that 2008 was a significant year for the religious worker visa program. That year, USCIS...
  • Apr 2, 2019: Fact Sheet Appraises Proposed Risks to Sponsors of Unaccompanied Children
    Apr 2, 2019: Parents, family members and other potential sponsors of immigrant children held in the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, or ORR—the agency tasked with the care and custody of unaccompanied immigrant children apprehended by immigration authorities—fear immigration enforcement actions if they volunteer to be a sponsor. CLINIC published a new fact sheet with information on the risks of ORR sponsorship and guidelines to important resources.
  • Apr 2, 2019: Sister Kathleen Moroney’s Legacy of Immigration Justice
    Apr 2, 2019: Holy Cross Sister Kathleen Moroney is one of many professionals whose service exemplifies the contributions of Catholic sisters in our communities. Perhaps one of her most significant roles has been a legacy of immigration justice work as part of the Holy Cross Ministries of Salt Lake City Legal Immigration Program, a CLINIC affiliate. Her legacy there included starting and directing the immigration department at Holy Cross and expanding it to provide for the needs of a growing Latino/a immigrant community in the state.
  • Apr 2, 2019: CLINIC’s Response to Family Separation Makes a Difference
    Apr 2, 2019: In the eyes of many, the zero tolerance policy and the family separation crisis came and went as one of the darkest times in U.S. policy toward families, children and asylum seekers. The latest news reviving the issue, particularly Judge Sabraw’s decision to expand the class in Ms. L v. ICE to include thousands beyond the 2,800 separations previously acknowledged, reminds us that our work to bring justice to these families is far from over. CLINIC, along with partners and affiliates, has built a multi-faceted response to the family separation crisis that supports...
  • Apr 2, 2019: Cabrini Immigrant Services of NYC and Justice for Immigrants Empower Leaders in the Community
    Apr 2, 2019: Cabrini Immigrant Services of NYC and Justice for Immigrants promote immigrant integration through leadership by empowering, strengthening and educating members of the community.


CLINIC in the News

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  • May 23, 2018: Archbishop Wenski: Ending T.P.S. will disrupt immigrant lives and communities
    May 23, 2018: Temporary Protected Status has been terminated for Nepal, leaving thousands of Nepalis facing the prospect of returning to a country still recovering from natural disaster. Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski, a CLINIC board member, and Executive Director Jeanne Atkinson have spoken out against the administration's targeting of TPS holders. Read the full America Magazine article here.
  • May 21, 2018: How does Session's review of an asylum petition based on domestic violence affect similar...
    May 21, 2018: Attorney Michelle Mendez explains the conditions under which a Central American victim of domestic violence can obtain protection in the United States, as well as how decisions made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions may affect future cases. View the full Univision video here.
  • May 21, 2018: Trump administration tries to curb asylum
    May 21, 2018: Advocates, attorneys, and career officials fear the administration's structural changes to the immigration legal system will make it nearly impossible for asylum-seekers to win their cases. "If the U.S. stops leading by example, we fear other countries will follow,” says CLINIC attorney Bradley Jenkins. Read the full Houston Chronicle article here.
  • May 21, 2018: Trump administration orders end to Deferred Enforced Departure for Liberians
    May 21, 2018: The Trump administration's decision to end Deferred Enforced Departure for Liberia has put nearly 4,000 people at risk for deportation. Christy Williams, an attorney on CLINIC's advocacy staff and herself a Liberian immigrant, breaks down the ramifications the move will have on the community and Liberia itself. Read the full National Catholic Reporter article here.
  • Mar 7, 2018: Spooked by Trump Proposals, Immigrants Abandon Public Nutrition Services
    Mar 7, 2018: Data confirms immigrants, including those with American children, are rapidly disenrolling from public nutrition services due to proposed policies that they later would be ineligible for citizenship. Charles Wheeler, CLINIC director of training and legal support, says attorneys have been seeing the anxiety over this issue for more than a year . Read the full New York Times article here.
  • Feb 12, 2018: Exclusive: Trump administration may target immigrants who use food aid, other benefits
    Feb 12, 2018: The Trump administration is considering making it harder for immigrants  living in the United States to get permanent residency if they or their American-born children use public benefits such as food assistance, in a move that could sharply restrict legal immigration. Charles Wheeler, CLINIC director of training and legal support, discussed why this would be bad for the immigrant community and U.S. as a whole. Read the full Reuters story here. 
  • Oct 25, 2017: Commentary: Why Sessions is wrong about asylum seekers
    Oct 25, 2017: As co-author of a Chicago Tribune op-ed, Michelle Mendez, CLINIC senior attorney and managing attorney of the Defending Vulnerable Populations Project, points out how the administration is incorrect in their characterization of asylum seekers.
  • Oct 25, 2017: Trump, Sessions attack immigration lawyers in latest affront to rule of law
    Oct 25, 2017: Michelle Mendez, CLINIC senior attorney and managing attorney of the Defending Vulnerable Populations Project, co-authored an op-ed for The Hill addressing the administration’s criticism of immigration defense attorneys and the U.S. asylum system.


Press Releases

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  • Jul 19, 2018: Somalis with TPS given 18-month extension; more recent arrivals may not seek the protection
    Jul 19, 2018: SILVER SPRING, Maryland—The administration’s decision July 19 to extend Temporary Protected Status for Somalia will give the 500 people it covers 18 months to remain in the United States while providing no protection from deportation for other Somalis who arrived later. 
  • Jul 9, 2018: Administration orders turn immigration service agency into mechanism for deportation
    Jul 9, 2018: SILVER SPRING, Maryland­—In another policy change that could dramatically increase the number of legal immigrants who face deportation, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, in guidance made public July 5, said that almost everyone who is denied an immigration benefit will be issued a Notice to Appear in court for potential deportation.
  • Jul 5, 2018: Existing TPS for Yemenis extended, but administration fails to include other victims of world’s...
    Jul 5, 2018: SILVER SPRING, Maryland—In the fourth year of what the UN secretary general called the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, the Trump administration is once again demonstrating a disregard for basic humanitarian principles in its decision to merely extend Temporary Protected Status for some people from Yemen, but not allow recent arrivals to be covered by it. 
  • Jun 26, 2018: Muslim ban ruling allows continued religion-based bias from administration
    Jun 26, 2018: SILVER SPRING, Maryland—The Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling June 26 upholding the Trump administration’s travel ban is a disappointment for the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc., as a faith-based organization that sees the ban as racist and discriminatory on the basis of religion.
  • Jun 25, 2018: Over 650 interfaith voices call on the administration to protect TPS holders from ongoing war and...
    Jun 25, 2018: WASHINGTON—On June 20, Church World Service (CWS) and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) delivered a letter signed by more than 650 faith leaders to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), calling on the administration to protect TPS holders from Yemen. 
  • Jun 20, 2018: Order on family separation doesn’t fix the ongoing administration policies that break families apart
    Jun 20, 2018: SILVER SPRING, Maryland—The executive order signed June 20 and touted as ending the administration’s policy of family separation merely pays lip service to the outcry from Americans to stop the cruel and unnecessary practice of removing children from their parents at the border. 
  • Jun 11, 2018: Attorney general’s decision upends asylum law
    Jun 11, 2018: SILVER SPRING, Maryland—In a June 11 decision, Attorney General Jeff Sessions upended asylum law, finding that victims of domestic violence may not receive the protection of asylum in the United States, even when they come from countries whose governments utterly fail to protect them. 
  • May 31, 2018: Visiting attorneys, bishop reach out to migrants at border awaiting admission while DHS secretary...
    May 31, 2018: TUCSON, Arizona—Volunteer immigration attorneys and the bishop who chairs the board of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc., went to the Nogales, Arizona, port of entry to support migrants who have been waiting at the border for days to be admitted to seek asylum. Their visit to the border came in the same hour that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen visited the Nogales Customs and Border Protection facility on a tour to bolster the administration’s harsh enforcement strategies.