Support CLINIC’s Efforts to Assist Immigrants

Mar 18, 2014

This month CLINIC is launching a campaign to support its State and Local Immigration Project.

Last year, even while one house of Congress was passing comprehensive federal immigration legislation, forty-five states were enacting 437 laws and resolutions related to immigrants. This was a 64 percent increase from 2012. Many of these measures were positive -- eight states extended driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants and four states expanded in-state tuition for foreign-born residents.  Others were laws that punished or made life difficult for immigrant families by restricting their ability to work, pursue education, and otherwise contribute to their communities.    

Through the support of our generous donors and funders, CLINIC’s State and Local Immigration Project equips Catholic Conferences across the country with the tools they need to defeat anti-immigrant legislation and to promote positive measures that welcome our immigrant brothers and sisters. The Project can help diocesan staff by analyzing proposed legislation and offering legal and public policy assessments, explaining how a bill would impact the community.  CLINIC also maintains a State & Local Immigration Policy Map on its website that anyone can search for state-specific resources on policy issues affecting immigrants and their families.

The State and Local Project informs advocates about important issues our communities face, such as the unauthorized practice of immigration law – when people scam immigrants or otherwise offer help they are not qualified to provide. Contact Project staff for tools to combat this and other pervasive problems your community is experiencing. Sharing strategies for advancing pro-immigrant legislation, in 2013, CLINIC worked on state and local legislative issues arising in 15 states and the District of Columbia and conducted numerous multi-media trainings for advocates. 

We urgently need your support to help Conference, diocesan, and community advocates understand the ever-shifting immigration landscape. 

We are grateful for your support and hope that you will consider making a contribution to continue CLINIC’s efforts to assist immigrants.