An Easter Reflection

Apr 20, 2014
The Justice for Immigrants Campaign

Revelation 7:9-10

After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!”


He is risen! And because of what Jesus has done for us, we have become a resurrection people --- called to live into God’s reign on earth as it is in heaven. Over the course of Lent, you have reflected on God’s vision of shared abundance, hospitality, and love of neighbor. Now, invite your members of Congress to share that vision, and offer witness to them that you have faith our broken immigration system can be redeemed.   

Take action by sending the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Justice for Immigrants Postcard to your member of Congress.  Tell your representative that you support immigration reform that:

  • Provides a path to citizenship for undocumented persons in the country
  • Preserves family unity as a corner-stone of our national immigration system
  • Provides legal paths for low-skilled immigrant workers to come and work in the United States
  • Restores due process protections to our immigration enforcement policies
  • Addresses the root causes (push factors) of migration, such as persecution and economic disparity

Visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Justice for Immigrants Campaign website for more ways you can get involved:

*Justice for Immigrants is a campaign by the Catholic Church to educate people about the church's teachings on immigration and to bring about reforms in our current immigration system