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Father's Day Prayer

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Jun 7, 2019


We pause this Father’s Day
to give thanks to the strong and faithful men
caring for their children each day.

Just as we honor and celebrate
the fathers in our own lives,
migrant men,
seeking better lives for their children,
are equally deserving of our prayers.

We pray for these fathers
who see family as sacred
and who cross rivers,
stand at borders
and suffer separation
in order to keep their children
and families safe.

We pray for human rights
to be respected the world over,
particularly workers’ rights,
on this day celebrating the men
who work to support their families.

We are one human family under the eyes of God.

This Father’s Day,
we hold all fathers in our hearts and prayers.


CLINIC in the News Date: 
Friday, June 7, 2019 - 4:45pm