A Labor of Love: Donor Spotlight, Vincent Pitta

May 30, 2014

A true friend of CLINIC, Vincent Pitta supports immigrants and the Biblical call to “welcome the stranger” through selfless investments of time and resources in our mission.  Pitta, of New York City’s Pitta & Giblin, LLP,  has practiced traditional labor and management relations for over thirty years in both the private and public sectors and has served as a valued member of our Board of Directors since 2007.

Pitta first became familiar with CLINIC through his attendance at a “friend-raiser,” to which he was invited by then-president of St. Francis College, the late Dr. Frank Macchiarola.  Compelled by CLINIC’s advocacy on behalf of vulnerable immigrants, Pitta was later nominated to the Board of Directors by the Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, the Bishop of Brooklyn.  He has actively and enthusiastically supported CLINIC as a way to “spread the faith” ever since.

A first-generation American, Pitta recognizes CLINIC as a critical vehicle within the Church to inform and mobilize Catholics concerning matters of immigration.  “We haven’t connected with Catholics in this country,” Pitta explains, “we’re a nation of immigrants and hopefully, we’ll continue to be.  I’m proud of the organization and proud to be associated.”

To those considering supporting CLINIC, Pitta has a simple message, “Do it til it hurts!  Donating to CLINIC is a worthwhile investment not only in the organization, but also in our country, our families, and ourselves. Immigration affects all of us.”

Pitta, himself, hopes to develop further resources for CLINIC by building bridges between the organization and labor unions.  By facilitating more institutional connections with the food and hotel industries, for example, Pitta aims to attract representative talent as he’s done by introducing UNITE HERE’s D. Taylor and John Wilhelm to CLINIC’s Board of Directors.  “Immigrants,” Pitta explains, “are the strength of our country.”

It is with appreciation that CLINIC highlights the many contributions of Vincent Pitta.  We recognize his role in the growth of our ministry and thank him for helping CLINIC better address the ever-evolving needs of immigrants and service providers.