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Five reasons why Convening 2018 will be special for affiliates

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Apr 27, 2018
Michelle Fordice

Convening 2018 will be here before you know it. Here are a few of the reasons why you should meet us in Tucson!


It’s our anniversary

We’re celebrating our second 29th birthday. OK, maybe we’re 30, but either way we’re ready to have some fun. Throughout Convening, we’ll have special speakers and events. Yes, there will be new buttons, but there will be even better surprises! All of the gifts are for you, because we wouldn’t be here without our affiliates.


Meet with people who understand your work

This is a tough business, especially lately, and sometimes we feel a little bit on our own. The good thing is that we aren’t! This is our chance to come together, strengthen our support network and learn from each other. Join our Facebook group to start chatting with Convening attendees now.


Jack Holmgren is hitting the road (but he better come back!)

Jack Holmgren has been lifting our spirits for the last 26 years, but he is finally making good on his threat to retire. Our opening reception will be a special celebration of everything he has given to our network and the people we serve. There will be good food and great music. Come and wish him good luck on his next journey. We’re betting he’ll be enjoying it by bike! Check out all our special events.


We’re heading to the border

Tucson is a beautiful city. More importantly, it offers affiliates from across the country the chance to actually see the border that dominates policy discussions and so quickly changes our work. We’ll have special workshops that focus on unique legal border challenges and a lively discussion from a diverse panel on what border life is like. Take time now to learn more about the “Old Pueblo.”


It’s the best training for the money

CLINIC affiliate staff pay only $390 to register for Convening, which is hundreds of dollars cheaper than any comparable training or conference. You’ll get access to great workshops led by leading immigration experts on a variety of topics. Want to get better at client interviews? Come to our general skills training. Not sure how all the impending changes to public charge are going to impact your clients? Come to Potential Changes to Public Charge. Want to improve your integration programs? Check out In Your Backyard: How to Grow Immigrant Integration in Your Community. These workshops and more are designed to help you enhance your skills.

What are you waiting for? Learn more and register at Then, join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #ConveneAZ