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Legal immigrants leery in wake of proposed green card restrictions

Nov 13, 2018

Immigrants in the United States who have been fortunate enough to find a legal pathway to citizenship are about to encounter a new obstacle. Charles Wheeler, director of CLINIC's Training, Litigation and Support section, emphasizes how some of the proposed changes to the public charge rule border on absurd.

Read the full article published in America Magazine here.

How Catholic communities are crowdfunding fairer trials for immigrants

Nov 13, 2018

"We're living in a time of an unprecedented attack on immigrant families, where it's more difficult for them to access to legal relief, more difficult for them to access representation," said Martín Gauto, senior attorney for the Catholic Legal Immigration Network. 

Read the full article published in Pacific Standard here.

‘We’re brothers and sisters in Christ’: For Encuentro Catholics, immigration is personal

Nov 13, 2018

Latino Catholic gathered at Encuentro to discuss the issues affecting their community. Patricia Zapor, CLINIC's communication director, highlighted ways in which to incorporate immigration advocacy into everyday life.

Read the full article published by the Catholic News Agency here.