On the Move

Jan 17, 2014
Leya Speasmaker

My recent visit to Catholic Charities Fort Worth, Texas, illuminated just how ready this program is for comprehensive immigration reform. With a bit of innovation, some grant funding, and overall agency support, the program manager of Immigration Consultation Services (ICS), Xergio Chacin, is busy trying out new ideas, stocking his program with the proper equipment and tools, and practicing larger-scale models of group processing in order to be prepared for significant immigration law changes.

In the fall of 2013, Mr. Chacin designed and received several important tools that will aid his team in taking their immigration legal services on the road. After a cost analysis was complete, Mr. Chacin placed an order for several pieces of necessary equipment, including laptops, routers, a camera, and a printer. Special mobile carrying cases were designed and ordered, which will make carting the equipment around to various locations easier and more secure. It doesn’t stop there, and it gets bigger and more mobile.


ICS uses a bus designed to take services to remote areas of the diocese. The bus is equipped with white boards, desks, chairs, and heating and cooling units in order to make service provision possible in any conditions. The outside is emblazoned with the logo of Catholic Charities Fort Worth, letting everyone who sees the bus know that mobile services are available and that Catholic Charities is active in the community. ICS plans to use the bus for Know Your Rights talks and other educational opportunities.

CLINIC congratulates Immigration Consultation Services Catholic Charities of Fort Worth on its innovation and applauds its efforts to prepare for comprehensive immigration reform.

For more best practices in the provision of high quality  and timely services to low-income immigrants, visit:  https://cliniclegal.org/resources  With early preparation, charitable legal service providers can further establish streamlined systems to effectively process the high volume of cases anticipated with legalization and other changes to immigration laws. 

*Leya Speasmaker is a Field Support Coordinator for the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC)