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The 13th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference reflected hope beyond the turmoil of presidential politics

Sep 20, 2016
13th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference
Andrés Abella

The Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference, co-sponsored by CLINIC, typically focuses on nonpartisan policy discussion with an academic focus. This year it offered an electorally timely twist: not just policy, but politics as well.

CLINIC Fellows aim to educate while celebrating World Refugee Day

Jul 7, 2016
Image of KEJC
Dianne Kaiyoorawongs

Nathalie Dietrich and Silvia Arias Barber, both CLINIC Fellows in the Southeast, work with immigrants on a daily basis. Though they are always looking for ways to better serve this population, this past World Refugee Day offered a unique opportunity to also educate those unfamiliar with the experiences of immigrants in America.

CLINIC Fellows Profile: Nathalie Dietrich, from immigrant to BIA-accredited representative

Jun 28, 2016
Kristen Lionetti

Nathalie Dietrich knows immigration from multiple angles. Although she “never could have imagined that she would be living in the United States” one day, that journey has brought her to advocate for immigrants, first as a volunteer, then as a legal assistant and now as a BIA-accredited representative.

USCIS proposed fee increases would be hard to absorb for lower-income families

Jun 24, 2016
Nathaly Perez

U.S. immigration law is complex and it can take many years for a family to be reunited in the United States through the current immigration system. It is also expensive! It costs thousands of dollars per person in fees to the U.S. government agencies responsible for processing applications, conducting background checks, interviewing applicants and issuing official documents for identification and work authorization.