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Read with your child and learn about being—and becoming—a citizen together!

Sep 18, 2018
LaRia Land and Kevin Nah

What does it mean to be a citizen? Different people would say different things, but no matter our background, every person has special talents to contribute to building our country. It is easy to understand why immigrants take citizenship very seriously. Many spend decades pursuing their dreams of providing a better life for their loved ones and becoming a U.S. citizen.

My culture keeps me grounded

Sep 17, 2018
Kevin Nah

My family’s story is similar to those of most immigrants because it involves leaving a place you called home in the hope that you may find opportunities to a better future. No matter how hard it was, holding on to our culture made everything feel a little better.

Great books to help young people understand immigrant experiences

Aug 3, 2018
LaRia Land and Kevin Nah

One of the many characteristics that makes the United States a great place to live is the abundance of cultural diversity. No matter where you live or visit, you can always find something new and extraordinary to explore. At the forefront of it all are the many immigrants who arrive with their hopes and dreams of a promising future. These men, women and children don't always have an easy journey or transition into their new life in the United State. However, they do all they can to adjust, while making sure to incorporate their native customs and traditions.