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Updates from the Network: Welcome 37 new members of the network, as LIRS agencies join CLINIC

Mar 1, 2019

CLINIC’s network grew in one big step in February with the addition of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service agencies: 26 organizations with an additional 11 sub-offices. The CLINIC network stands at about 360 organizations with affiliates now in the District of Columbia and 49 states (lacking only Wyoming). LIRS and CLINIC have long had partnerships on different fronts. In the 1990s they cofounded the Detention Watch Network. At about the same time, LIRS contracted to use CLINIC’s attorney-of-the-day hotline for its affiliates that offered immigration legal services. The legal staff of LIRS agencies have long taken CLINIC immigration trainings.

Working With City Officials to Create a More Inclusive and Welcoming Pueblo

Mar 1, 2019
Benjamin Brokaw

In a Jun. 2018 meeting, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pueblo, the Latino Chamber of Commerce and several city officials grappled with the troubling fact that the local immigrant community was uncomfortable reporting a crime to the police. To address the issue, the organizations developed a plan for community integration that included sustained collaborations and community outreach.

The Immigrant Origins of Christmas

Dec 21, 2018
Paola Flores-Marquez and Leya Speasmaker

Many of the traditions that we typically associate with Christmas have their origins in other countries. Immigrants, eager to celebrate a familiar and important holiday in their new home, shared their customs with neighbors who adopted them and added their own. Here are a few examples of beloved Christmas traditions integration has given us.