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Electing to Naturalize: The Importance of Planning Ahead

Nov 5, 2013
Megan Sahar Turngren

On Election Day, it can seem like a burden to wake up early and stand in line at your local polling place, but the ability to vote is a prized benefit of citizenship and an important step in the journey to full integration in the United States. The benefits of citizenship are numerous and the CLINIC network has long advocated naturalization for all eligible permanent residents.

Embracing a Culture of Encounter

Sep 24, 2013
Jeanne M. Atkinson

Today Pope Francis released the annual statement for World Day of Migrants and Refugees, which will be celebrated January 19, 2014. Pope Francis said that in countries around the world we should welcome and respect immigrants and not treat them as “pawns on the chessboard of humanity.”

A Concern for Immigrant Workers This Labor Day

Aug 29, 2013
D. Taylor

Recently it was my honor to be elected to CLINIC’s Board of Directors. CLINIC has been providing a life-saving service to immigrants across the country since 1988. Many of the 300,000 members of the union I serve are themselves immigrants, and many have been helped by CLINIC’s important work. So in this Labor Day reflection I’d like to focus on the reality of immigrant workers and what they face every day.