Catholic Charities of the East Bay Wins the Series with DACA Clients and the Oakland A’s

Mar 15, 2013
Frank Malifrando

Drawing upon the success Catholic Charities of the East Bay (CCEB)  experienced running the main concession stands for the U.S. Open earlier this year, this CLINIC affiliate is now taking their game to the Oakland A's in order to provide fee assistance for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applicants.  

With over 300 volunteers from the East Bay, consisting of board members, the Knights of Columbus, parishioners, staff, clients and students, several Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of John Muir Hospital, the concession stands garnered over $20,000 for CCEB's program support during the U.S. Open.

Frank Malifrando, Chief Development and Public Affairs Officer at CCEB, explains that CCEB "learned a lot from those games:  how to manage and train volunteers in the fast food concession industry, how to coordinate such a huge event and how to grow the program as a social enterprise to benefit CCEB and its programs.”  With prayers for this new enterprise, CCEB was blessed with more hands than were needed to succeed.  Volunteers from all walks of life

donated their service and proved a testament of the life-changing work CCEB provides for the community. 

CCEB's volunteer concessions stands  at the U.S. Open evolved into similar commitments at University of California, Berkley football and volleyball games at which the proceeds assisted DACA candidates.  One hundred volunteers were added to the operation and of these, over  15 volunteers saw their service repaid in the form of compensation covering their DACA application fees. 

CCEB is now embarking on the Oakland A’s baseball games and are present for the top national teams that are lined-up against the A’s : Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals.  DACA candidates will be a part of this group of volunteers including parishioners, staff, and students.  More volunteers are always needed, however, and this time CCEB has grown to staff four of the largest concession stands, further assisting those who are striving to be part of the American Dream.

Past DACA candidates will return to learn added skills managing the stands and to support another  15-20 DACA candidates volunteering for the games . This will look great on their future applications for work and community participation. What is more American than being part of a U.S. Golf Tournament, a college football season, national baseball games, and a major social service provider: Catholic Charities of the East Bay?  Training begins on March 16th and again on June 8th for all interested in being part of the baseball season of caring.

Catholic Charities of the East Bay and DACA eligible youth  hit on a winner: community, sports, and the gift of hope!