Mexican Screening Project

There are many important reasons why undocumented immigrants should obtain an immigration legal screening. First, immigration law is complex, especially for undocumented people with complicated migration histories. Immigrants can move in and out of eligibility for legal status due to changed circumstances in their lives over time. Understanding whether they may have a legal option leading to lawful permanent residence at the present time or in the future is important, and sometimes life-changing, information. Second, by participating in a screening, immigrants are making connections with local organizations where they can turn if needed in the future. Often CLINIC affiliates provide many types of services, so people attending a screening may learn about available resources to support a wide range of needs. 

Third, undocumented immigrants, in particular, are vulnerable to false promises by unscrupulous and often unauthorized practitioners of immigration law. The availability of even a one-time screening with a competent immigration legal representative can impart the necessary knowledge for immigrants to protect themselves from false promises, which may cost thousands of dollars and end in the deportation. Fourth, information provided during Know Your Rights presentations and legal screenings can educate people about their legal rights and protect them from immigration enforcement. Lastly, for immigrants who are found to have a legal option, a referral to a low cost, high quality legal services provider can help them save money and may ultimately help him or her legalize their status and be put on the path to citizenship.

The project will run from June 26 through Dec. 31, 2019 (or March 31, 2020 provided that the General Consulate in Atlanta GA approves a project extension). Affiliates can enroll anytime until Nov. 1 by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. It is hoped that the project will be renewed for all of 2020.