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Detention and Removal

Advocates’ Letter to President Obama Calling For an End to Family Detention

March 17, 2015   President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC  20500   Dear Mr. President,

Appointed Counsel and Bond Hearings for the Mentally Disabled

Appointed Counsel and Bond Hearings for the Mentally Disabled By Debbie Smith

Recorded Webinar: What Really Happened at the Border: Determining Whether Your Client was Ordered Removed

Held on October 12, 2012.
Your client isn't sure what happened at the border when she tried to enter several years ago and didn't succeed. How do you determine what actually occurred at the border? Was there a removal order at all? If so, what kind?

Open Letter in Response to the Closing of the Berks County Family Shelter Care Center and Solicitation of New Family Detention Beds

"We call on the administration to prioritize release of immigrant families in all cases. We
urge the administration to assign social workers to manage familiesʼ cases rather than
placing them in detention. For families without housing, the administration should
partner with non-profit shelter or child welfare organizations experienced in supporting
asylum-seeking and immigrant families to resolve any issues preventing the direct
release of families. Social workers with proven track records providing family and child