BIA Pro Bono Project

The BIA Pro Bono Appeals Project matches vulnerable immigrants with pro bono counsel to defend their cases before the Board of Immigration Appeals, or BIA. One of the nation's most successful pro bono initiatives, the BIA Project partners with attorneys and law school clinics to provide pro bono legal representation to indigent immigrants. Through a network of committed volunteers, trainers and mentors, the BIA Project facilitates access to justice, a critical component to safeguarding the rights of vulnerable asylum seekers and long-time lawful permanent residents.

Since the project’s inception in 2001, it has reviewed over 7,200 appeals cases. The Project's cases regularly result in significant decisions, including favorable, published BIA decisions, as well as Federal and Supreme Court decisions. In a published study, the Department of Justice found that immigrants who had been provided representation through the project were up to four times more likely to win a favorable decision before the BIA.


About the Project

The BIA Pro Bono Project provides a unique opportunity for attorneys and fully accredited representatives to fight for indigent immigrants who are detained in remote ICE jails across the country, without ever leaving the office. Project volunteers will receive the full case file, including transcripts from the immigration court hearings, and then have 3-6 weeks to write an appellate brief to the BIA. Volunteers will receive mentorship from CLINIC staff and have access to sample briefs and other resources. 

If you are an attorney or fully accredited representative and would like to volunteer with the BIA Pro Bono Project, please fill out our volunteer form.

For more information, contact CLINIC staff attorney Rachel Naggar at