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Guidance for Practitioners on Adjustment of Status for TPS Recipients in the Sixth and Ninth Circuits

Do you have clients with Temporary Protected Status who reside in the jurisdiction of either the Sixth or Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals? These frequently asked questions explain how current USCIS policy permits individuals who entered the United States without inspection, but subsequently received TPS, adjust to lawful permanent resident status.  

Immigration Court Practitioner’s Guide Responding To Inappropriate Immigration Judge Conduct

As more noncitizens are targeted for the initiation of removal proceedings under the Trump administration’s broadened enforcement priorities, immigration court dockets will likely become even more backlogged. Given these strains and the reality of human fallibility, there will continue to be instances in which practitioners observe inappropriate and problematic immigration judge conduct.

A Guide to Assisting Asylum-Seekers with In Absentia Removal Orders

This guide provides attorneys and fully accredited representatives with strategies and best practices for representing asylum seekers with in absentia removal orders. The guide was originally released in 2016 and updated in July 2019. CLINIC and the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project (ASAP) prepared the guide in 2016 after representing dozens of families who received in absentia removal orders and successfully reopening their cases in the wake of increased enforcement by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

CARA Assists Families Targeted in May Enforcement Actions and Thwarts New Family Detention Efforts

In late May- early June, the CARA Pro Bono Project assisted 21 families who were picked up by DHS in the latest round of enforcement actions targeting Central American women the children. The stories of the 21 families and the due process obstacles they have encountered were captured in a report produced by the CARA project.

Family Detention Update

Despite continued efforts by advocates, the government’s practice of detaining immigrant mothers and their children continues. CLINIC has been especially active in the national fight to eliminate large scale family detention centers. In late March 2015, CLINIC partnered with four other networks to form the CARA Pro Bono Project.Through this project CLINIC has been providing legal services for detained families while leading advocacy and litigation efforts to challenge unlawful asylum, detention, and deportation policies.

Family Detention Update

On February 20, 2015 the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia responded to the desperate pleas of detained Central American women and their children. The women had been found to have a credible fear of future persecution by an Asylum Officer or the Immigration Judge yet they remained detained on account of the U.S. government’s national security-based deterrence strategy of sending a message to other women and children considering fleeing to the United States for safety.