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Dec 17, 2014

Employed immigrants are required to file taxes, regardless of status or documents used to acquire employment. Many immigrants face barriers to filing income taxes.  They may be afraid that the IRS will pass their information on to immigration enforcement.  Additionally, the complex tax code is not easy to understand for people who may not speak English or have a knowledge of all available credits and rebates. Service providers working with the foreign-born can offer tax assistance preparation and support as their clients work to fulfill this federal requirement. The featured model programs, trainings and tools below can help expand the breadth of immigrant integration programs by expanding the financial security services available. The Outside Resources section also includes some links to helpful materials produced by other organizations.

Prepare Taxes Here

Encourage your clients to file their 2014 taxes before the April 15thdeadline! Filing taxes is one way to establish good moral character, and anyone can file taxes, including immigrants without documentation. Click on the below links to:

***All tax information included on the CLINIC website is for informational purposes only. CLINIC cannot provide information on how to file taxes, how to employ immigrant workers, or how to verify documents needed to secure employment. Please call the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at 1 (800) 829-1040 for assistance.***  

Find a tax assistance preparation program in the CLINIC network.

For more information on how your program can promote immigrant integration, or to have an integration initiative highlighted on our website, contact Leya Speasmaker, Integration Program Manager, at or 301-565-4816.


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