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Expanding into the Community

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General Ideas and Inspiration

  • 12 Ways to Promote Integration in Your Community
    Integration happens most successfully at the local level. Positive day to day interactions between local residents encourage mutual understanding of different perspectives and lead to increased respect amongst all those calling a community home.

Establishing Partnerships

  • Partnership Toolkit
    Partnerships are a valuable tool for any organization looking to expand or strengthen services in the community. In a well-functioning partnership, all members contribute ideas to the group, coordinate dates and events so that all can participate, and mutually benefit from the partnership.
  • Harnessing the Power of Partnerships
    This webinar training covers how to develop and use partnerships effectively and what resources you can use to manage them. Programs already benefitting from strong partnerships talk about their experiences and provide tips on how to seek out and pursue this type of working relationship. We also talk about how best to reduce the impact of notarios and encourage immigrants to seek out authorized immigration legal services.

Immigrant integration and The Census

The 2020 Census is rapidly approaching and robust participation in your community will have significant impact on your community’s congressional representation and amount of federal funding received. Use the below materials to help better prepare your community for the Census.

  • Flyers for Individuals

Print and distribute these flyers for community members to learn more about how the process works and how information shared through participating in the Census is protected.
2020 Confidentiality Fact Sheet
2020 Confidentiality Fact Sheet (Spanish)

  • Flyers for Organizations

This toolkit is designed to help leaders ensure that everyone in your community is counted so that your local schools, roads and hospitals get their fair share of funding and your community receives fair political representation at all levels of government.
Census Toolkit by Faith in Public Life
Census Toolkit by Faith in Public Life (Spanish)

Partnering with Cities

  • NEW: 2019 Webinar Series: Promoting Immigrant Integration in Partnership with City Government
    This four-part webinar series highlights the basic components of establishing a relationship and working with your city government to promote immigrant integration

    Webinar One: Setting the Stage (Recorded on 01/23/2019)
    Webinar Two: Relationship Building (Recorded on 01/30/2019)
    Webinar Three: Getting the Job Done (Recorded on 02/06/2019)
    Webinar Four: Following Up and Through (Recorded on 2/13/2019)
    City Resources Toolkit

    Partnering with Libraries

    Partnering with Parishes