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Defending Vulnerable Populations Project

CLINIC’s Defending Vulnerable Populations Project was created to help meet the needs of the rapidly growing population of immigrants facing deportation, breakup of families, loss of employment and other disruptive effects of new and anticipated government policy changes.

Dehumanizing, anti-immigrant rhetoric has accompanied an ongoing string of government policies that hurt the most vulnerable people in our country. Changes in federal policies since January 2017 have targeted millions of immigrants for deportation; ended Temporary Protected Status for more than 300,000 people who are being told they must return to their struggling countries; separated children from their asylum-seeking parents; barred people from certain majority-Muslim countries and slashed the number of refugees admitted to the United States. There is a backlog of 700,000 people awaiting immigration court proceedings. The vast majority must represent themselves because they cannot afford legal assistance.

A principal objective of the Defending Vulnerable Populations Project is to increase the number of attorneys and fully accredited representatives who are qualified to represent people in immigration court proceedings. To accomplish this, CLINIC conducts court skills training for nonprofit agency staff (accredited representatives and attorneys) and pro bono attorneys; provides advisories and research to assist legal representatives; advocates against harmful policy changes; and works to expand public awareness on issues faced by vulnerable immigrants.


Featured Projects and Initiatives

The BIA Pro Bono Appeals Project matches vulnerable immigrants with pro bono counsel to defend their cases before the Board of Immigration Appeals, or BIA. One of the nation's most successful pro bono initiatives, the BIA Project partners with attorneys and law school clinics to provide pro bono legal representation to indigent immigrants. 

This training is geared towards partial accredited representatives who want to qualify and apply for full accreditation in order to represent their clients in immigration court. Learn all you need to know to be an effective court advocate!

This project assists immigrants from the countries targeted by Trump administration executive orders. We provide legal support and advice on immigration matters, primarily to residents of Montgomery County, Maryland, who are experiencing delays or other problems with immigration cases.

Our resource library provides practice materials to assist legal representatives; advocate against retrogressive policy changes; and expand public awareness on issues faced by vulnerable immigrants.

CLINIC offers a variety of training opportunities to help you learn immigration law, develop legal skills, find out about new developments in law and procedure, and learn how to start or manage your immigration legal services programs. 

CLINIC’s Defending Vulnerable Populations Program engages in strategic litigation to advance the rights of immigrants.