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The Nebraska Service Center (NSC) has asked CLINIC to share the following tips and reminders.  On average, NSC fields 20,500 inquiries every month. To aid them in providing a timely and responsive answer, please keep these tips in mind when contacting their customer service units:

  • We can only provide information to the applicant or petitioner, or to the recognized attorney or representative. Inquiries should not be submitted by a beneficiary, relative, third party preparer, or an attorney or representative who does not have an original, recognized G-28 on file with the application or petition.
  • If an attorney or representative is retained subsequent to the filing of the application or petition, an original G-28 must be received before we can release any information to such attorney or representative. We cannot accept scanned copies of G-28s submitted with an inquiry; an original G-28 must also be on file. New G-28s may be submitted to: Nebraska Service Center, P.O. Box 82521, Lincoln, NE 68501-2521.
  • Provide all pertinent information, including applicant/petitioner name, beneficiary name (if applicable), receipt number, and A-number (if applicable). Be very specific regarding the nature of the inquiry; i.e., case status, correction of errors, address change, clarification on RFE, etc. This will help insure that we are able to properly address your concerns.
  • If we advise you to wait a certain number of days before inquiring again, please wait for that period of time to pass.
  • Do not utilize multiple lines of inquiry at the same time. For instance, if you submit an inquiry through the National Customer Service Center (NCSC), allow time for a response before attempting another line of inquiry, such as through a Congressional representative, a liaison [including CLINIC’s Advocacy staff], or the follow-up email box. Multiple people researching the same query is a drain on resources, and may end up delaying a response.
  • Address changes need to be submitted for every pending application or petition. Address change requests are best communicated through the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 800-375-5283. However, NSC will also accept address change requests mailed to: Nebraska Service Center, P.O. Box 82521, Lincoln, NE 68501-2521.
  • If an I-131 request for Refugee Travel Document or Reentry Permit needs to be expedited, an expedite request can be submitted either at the time of filing or subsequent to filing. At the time of filing: Write “Expedite” in large print on the top of the application. The lockbox will identify these requests and separate them from other I-131 filings. After filing: Once you have received a receipt number, call the NCSC at 1-800-375-5283 to request an expedite. In either instance, you will need to demonstrate that the expedite meets the applicable criteria, found at (Select Forms, then select Expedite Criteria under Forms Guidance on the right of the page.)  Please note that, even if granted, processing may take up to four weeks due to biometrics collection.