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Registration for Convening 2018 has now closed.

If you have questions, please email us at

We'll see you in Tucson!

Registration for Convening 2018

Welcome to CLINIC's registration system for Convening 2018.

At the current moment, you may only register one person at a time using the form below, however we are working on allowing users to register up to ten people. If you have any questions, please reference our Convening site ( or email us at

For important information pertaining to refunds and our photography/videography disclaimer, please see the bottom of this registration form.

If you are only interested in registering for the ICE Detention Training for Experienced Practitioners and not the whole Convening, please use this form instead.

Otherwise, you will be able to register for the training at the discounted rate of $100 after you hit 'Get Started' below.

You'll be able to select options for this registrant and move between pages as needed. At the end, you'll be prompted for payment information.