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About the Convening

The American Dream—the idea that through a combination of hard work, determination and hope anyone can build the life they want—is epitomized in the immigrant experience. Thousands of men, women and children have uprooted their lives in search of safety,dignity and opportunities to provide for their families. Now, more than ever, immigrants are vital members of our communities, but without quality legal assistance, their journey is especially hard.

Whether you are just starting out or have been assisting immigrants for decades, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network’s annual Convening is the only training event designed to provide a well-rounded education in immigration law, program management and advocacy. It attracts more than 500 participants.

Our workshops are taught by industry leaders. They meet you at your level of understanding and provide practical ways to navigate the United States’ complex immigration legal system. By deepening your knowledge, you will better assist the immigrants in your community; thus, defending hope and the American Dream.

Convening Highlights

  • Network with CLINIC affiliates, staff and leaders in the field
  • Learn local, state and federal advocacy tools
  • Hands-on workshops about changes to the recognition and accreditation process
  • Advanced trainings on immigration law topics, including family based immigration, bond and detention in removal proceedings and humanitarian relief
  • Trainings on sustaining and expanding immigration legal services programs
  • CLE credit hours
  • Daylong specialty trainings for experienced practitioners
  • Two included luncheons to celebrate CLINIC's 30th anniversary and our network's commitment to serve immigrants